Corporate Communications Practice

All Rivers Public Relations corporate communications services cover all aspects of the corporate communications function, including business-to-business communications and organizational communications. 

Communications between businesses and other organizations:

  • Other businesses
  • Governmental departments
  • Special interest groups and activists
  • Professional associations 

Building the corporate (not product) image:

  • Understanding the local community
  • Creating consistent - but localized - messages
  • Building relationships with key stakeholders
  • Controlling and disseminating information at the right time and in the right way 

Selected Clients


All Rivers has served Boeing on a variety of public relations and cross-cultural consulting activities ranging from political affairs to the announcement of Boeing's community and social responsibility programs.

United Nations

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) enlisted All Rivers to organize an advocacy project to promote youth involvement in policy-making process of adolescent reproductive health issues.  All Rivers was responsible for organizing a long-term campaign for this first of its kind project, including contests (writing and poster contests) and a major advocacy event.

Philip Morris

All Rivers managed the Philip Morris Group of Companies ASEAN ART AWARDS in Vietnam. All Rivers worked directly with the Ministry of Culture and Information to obtain all necessary permits for the awards and to ensure good long-term relationship with governmental authorities. Philip Morris also contracted All Rivers to handle a number of government relations activities.

Oxbow Power Services
Oxbow came to All Rivers to handle the market entry, and later, withdrawal strategy for a canceled US$360 million dollar power plant project.  As a result, a diplomatic crisis was averted, and minimum negative effects were felt on the overall business.